Comic-Con 2015 Wrap up

Let me start off by saying that this event turned out great. It's definitely the event to get exposure from a wider audience. We did not anticipate that it would take so much out of us though. Fortunately my wife was there to help out or there's no way one person can set up and man a booth. 

My wife says I'm a control freak. She's not wrong.

Transporting inventory to the event was tricky. I later found out that Freeman can handle all that for you for a fee. The good thing is they transport it directly to your booth. We showed up and all our boxes were placed neatly in front of our booth. SDCC management is pretty stringent with move-in dates so be mindful when you can move in. There's a specific move-in schedule for different types of vendors. Closer to the event, an SDCC newswire PDF was sent out to all vendors and this had a lot of very useful information.


Cthulhu debut at SDCC. Paint by Phil Sera.

Second thing on my mind was how were we going to transport our left-over inventory back? Again, Freeman can do all that. They left forms on Saturday where you could simply paste labels on to any boxes you want shipped off. They would just come pick them up on Sunday night or Monday.


Final layout of our table. 

As for accommodation, SDCC lets vendors pre-book way before everyone else.  If you are staying at a hotel farther away and not within walking distance, be mindful of hotel parking costs. It adds up quickly. Also know that SDCC parking isn't overnight so you'll be paying twice the fee; one to park at the con and another to park back at the hotel.


Striker paint up by Phil Sera.

The crowd at SDCC is great. You're getting exposed to a much wider audience and not necessarily everyone understands what resin kits are. I was very fortunate to meet other great artists at the event such as Richard Taylor of Weta, the Shifflet brothers, Mark Newman and many more. I've followed these artists for years so it was a great pleasure to finally meet them in person.

Bobby Debut at SDCC. Designed by CabbitQ and sculpted by me.

We also debuted a new line at the show. Bobby is the first creation of a project by CabbitQ and myself. The reception of this kit was amazing, it sold out at comic-con and later on our online store. Spankstokes did a cool article about Bobby too. We are definitely planning to do more with this series. 


 Hopper paint up by Jason Tarpley.

Being our first time at SDCC, it was truly a wild experience. Hectic, tiring but very fruitful. Lots of lessons learned which definitely will help make next year a better show for us. Hope you enjoyed this short write up. Thanks again for the continued support. Here are a few more photos from the show.

Gillman paint up by Phil Sera.


Alien Pilot build up by Rick Cantu.


 Thanks again for stopping by our booth. See you all next year! Thanks to Photonic Playground for the photos.

Dominic Qwek
Dominic Qwek


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Dominic Qwek
Dominic Qwek

August 02, 2015

Thanks Susan and David. Can’t wait for next year too!

Susan Newman ( Mark's Wife)
Susan Newman ( Mark's Wife)

August 01, 2015

Good infromation about your experience at SDCC! I can’t imagine how overwhelming it must have been! But really proud of you and Catherine! Can’t wait to see what you will come up with next year!

David Luong
David Luong

August 01, 2015

So amazing man, congrats on the booth at SDCC! Monstrous sculpts!!

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